Who can use Quickr?

If alcohol is ordered, you might need to show valid ID that you're over 18.
Plus, as most online payments are by credit or debit card, if you're over 18, then you're good to use Quickr.

Can I rate my delivery experience?

Simply enter your name & email address in the review box under the Takeaway menu to rate your experience.

Can I pay by cash?

Quickr does not take any payments from our users.

When you've chosen your Takeaway and copied the Quickr code, click through to the Takeaway's preferred payment platform. Checkout selecting the CASH option and as usual, apply the Quickr code in the additional info / comments / special instructions box to enjoy your priority delivery.

Why do I have to apply the unique Quickr code?

The unique Quickr code alerts the Takeaway to your priority delivery time. This code is made up of the Takeaways displayed delivery setting.

How do I copy and paste the Quickr code?

When you've chosen your takeaway, click the Quickr code. Clicking this code automatically copies the Quickr code to your computer.

When you're ready to pay on the Takeaway's checkout page, simply paste the all-important Quickr code in the additional info / special instructions / comments box on the Takeaway checkout page

Where do I apply the unique Quickr code?

Paste the unique Quickr code in either the additional info box or the comments box or special instructions box on the Takeaways preferred payment platform.

Can I contact the Takeaway after I order?

Of course. You may be delayed on the way back from the shops or somethings come up. Simply have your unique Quickr code at hand and your delivery postcode.

The Quickr infrastructure and platform must be expensive to run. How do you guys pay the rent?

If a takeaway is accepted into the Quickr Takeaway Community, every Takeaway pays a set amount every month to enjoy the Quickr functionality and help make takeaway ordering better for all.